At a Glance

At OCC Therapy we have a flexible service provision model. This allows us to adapt to the individual needs of each family. Some key features of our service include:

  • Ongoing liaison with the family, teachers and other members of the team
  • A focus on function - we work on the issues impacting upon daily life.  We want to ensure that therapy assists your family rather than being time consuming or challenging
  • Intervention and assessment at the clinic, your home or school.  We believe it is often important to see the child in their natural environment, so that we can address issues in the appropriate context
  • Guaranteed 3 week turn around on reports
  • Progress letters and reports for families and other members of the team (such as paediatricians and teachers)
  • We endeavour to avoid a waiting list, while prioritising families who are already part of the OCC Therapy family