Intervention may take many shapes and forms. We work directly with children to teach and collaborate on new ways of approaching tasks and developing skills. Liaison with parents and teachers enables us to develop strategies that suit the environment of the child by modifying tasks or using alternative strategies or equipment. The focus is on building confidence and experiencing success for the child, in a way that 'fits' in their world.

We recognise that parents and teachers are pivotal in the child's ongoing development. We do our best to maintain open communication and to be readily available by phone and email. Our doors are always open to you for support, even after your child has finished working with us. We also offer professional development events and information workshops.

At OCC Therapy, we pride ourselves on accountability. A session summary sheet is provided at the end of your child’s appointment so you are up to date on the work we are doing with your child. Where appropriate, we will also send a progress report at the end of each term so that you can track your child’s progress, and we are delighted to discuss goals and progress with you at any stage.

Prior to starting intervention, individual goals are written for the child in collaboration with the parent. These goals form the basis of the intervention plan, which is reviewed by the therapist each week to ensure that therapy is responsive to your child, their interests and their strengths.

We are proud to offer parents options for intervention, as we recognise that not all family’s needs are the same. These are negotiated with the family at the time of the initial appointment, and a decision is reached based upon the family’s needs and wishes.