What is OT?

Occupational therapy is designed to assist children to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their day to day living. Occupational therapists working with children may address and enhance:

Self care:

  • Eating: increasing the range or volume of food, use of cutlery, sitting at the table
  • Toileting
  • Dressing
  • Personal hygiene
  • Safety: road, home, personal

Social and Leisure Participation:

  • Play skills: independent play, social play, development of ideas and stories for literacy
  • Social and emotional competence
  • Developing confidence and competence in leisure activities for a healthy lifestyle
  • Engagement, participation and quality of life


  • Writing skills
  • Organisation
  • Concentration in the classroom
  • Personal hygiene
  • Fine motor skills, such as cutting and colouring
  • Visual skills for learning letters, reading and copying from the board